White Ribbon Day Campaign Affiliates Summer Meeting Kicks off 7th Season

The level and range of activities happening in Massachusetts under the umbrella of JDI's Massachusetts White Ribbon Day Campaign continues to expand exponentially. Each summer we invite our WRD Campaign Affiliates to debrief on our past campaign and to begin envisioning the year ahead. As we enter our seventh year of the WRD Campaign, seven seems to be the lucky number: staff from seven JDI Member programs (Casa Myrna, Center for Women & Community, Family & Community Resources, Inc., Independence House, MAPS, NELCWIT and Safe Passage) and seven community Affiliates attended the meeting held at Massachusetts Medical Society in Waltham on July 25th.

I was energized by the conversation and want to share some of the exciting collaborations and innovations underway with all of you.

  • The Vision B.E.A.R. project of Greenfield-based NELCWIT is developing a Walking in Balance with All Our Relations primary prevention curriculum which starts with the premise that violence against women and all other forms of violence emanates from the colonial taking of the land as the source of objectification of the Mother Earth and women. The land taking also ushered in racism by determining who could own the land and how much each person could have.
  • Safe Passage in Northampton is developing a new prevention conversation program called “PRAG,” Prevention Reflection Action Groups, a four session conversation program to which the public is invited.
  • NELWCIT, Center for Women and Community and Safe Passage all participate on the Northwest District Attorney's Task Force, an active affiliate of the White Ribbon Day Campaign. They plan to build on their music video contest that drew from five high schools and one college this past year.
  • Independence House in collaboration with the Falmouth Police Department pulled together a very successful town proclamation event for White Ribbon Day 2013.
  • The City of Marlborough with the talented leadership of city councilor Katie Robey held a successful White Ribbon Day proclamation event in March which included the Marlborough High School boys’ varsity hockey team. They are looking forward to building on this success in the coming year.
  • If you or your organization would like to get involved in the 2014 WRD Campaign, please contact Craig at or 617-557-1802.