We’re Just Past the Mid-way Point

We’re just past the mid-way point: Massachusetts White Ribbon Day 2011 is just over four months away. Mark your calendars now for Thursday, March 3 for our big statewide event that we hope everyone can attend! This day will be a kick-off for local white ribbon events around the Commonwealth during the week of March 4 – 11.

One of the great aspects of our White Ribbon Day Campaign is the opportunity to speak to a wide range of men and boys about what we can be and are doing to promote equality and respect and help end violence against women.

For instance, I found myself being honored to receive formal recognition from the US Air Force 439th Airlift Wing. To help them recognize Domestic Violence Awareness Month, I was asked to speak to 50 air force military personnel about the importance of male leadership in ending men’s violence against women.

This past weekend, I made a guest appearance on the Boston Sunday Review, WBZ-FM radio show with Mat Shaffer. That’s right, I was on 98.5 The Sports Hub speaking about Domestic Violence Awareness Month and the many ways men can help in the solution.

Through each of these conversations, I continue to learn how the message of White Ribbon Day resonates with men and the creative opportunities we have to engage and mobilize more men to be part of the solution.

Do you have an opportunity to speak to other men and boys? Think of either one-on-one or a group setting – about why you’ve signed up as a White Ribbon Day Ambassador? Please share your stories with us. Let us know how White Ribbon Day has made a difference to you.

We also want to take a minute to announce that our Affiliate organizations have begun signed up for White Ribbon Day 2011. We’re looking forward to registering all 50 organizations from last year, and we hope to add new Affiliates as well! If you would like to register your organization, please visit our page here: Affiliate Registration.

Jane Doe Inc. is here to help any organization to plan local events for White Ribbon Day 2011. Events in past years have included high school assemblies, community town proclamations, half-time announcements at sports games, company employee messages and college information tables. If you would like to organize an event or have any questions please contact me (Craig) or your local Affiliate.