Today is the International Day for Human Rights

Today is the International Day for Human Rights and I am most proud and excited to announce the launch of the fourth annual Massachusetts White Ribbon Day and to invite you to be part of this year’s campaign. This coming year we will have Massachusetts White Ribbon Day on Thursday March 3rd. And the White Ribbon Week of Proclamations will be the week of March 4th - 11th.

In the last three years, with your help, we recruited over 300 Ambassadors, more than 17,000 pledges plus 55 affiliates. From legislative accomplishments and funding increases to additional support for local sexual assault and domestic violence programs, the positive impact of this effort was undeniable.

There are many reasons why I am so excited about all of us taking a pledge and putting on a white ribbon. We are declaring for ourselves and for our children that we will no longer live in a world as dangerous as ours without doing something about it. We are declaring that we are joining together for a powerful and deep cause for justice.

I believe that change can start with a step as simple as putting on the white ribbon. It’s a public statement that is visible to other men and visible to women and to children. It sends a clear message about what we tolerate and what we promote in terms of masculinity, equality and human rights.