The Men Behind White Ribbon Day: Meet our Ambassadors

Like many men I’ve met throughout the years, I had often felt quite alone with my passion for ending men’s violence against women. It wasn’t a topic that came up in most circles and wasn’t well received in others. But we found each other, men of heart and men of courage, ready and willing to speak truth to power, willing to exchange our privilege of position as men for the privilege of working for justice.

When we conceived of creating the Massachusetts White Ribbon Day Campaign as a primary prevention project of Jane Doe Inc., we knew that we had to begin by engaging men who are ready to be part of the solution.

Enter men like Bob Russo. A director of creative services at a successful production company, a Deputy Sheriff, a motorcycle rider, and a father, Bob called our offices one day and simply said, “how can I help.” Timing was everything…within a few months we were hosting the first annual WRD event at the State House. He brought the company where he works, VDA Productions, on board and they have helped produce the event each year to much acclaim. It's not just the fancy lights and equipment that we appreciate. It's the way that Bob has brought the message of the campaign to his coworkers and riding buddies and invited his circle of friends and colleagues to think about their own role in ending violence against women.

This past summer one of our interns interviewed Bob and nearly a dozen other White Ribbon Day Ambassadors. Over the coming year, we will introduce you to them. We hope you will find them as inspiring as we do.

Read his full interview here