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21st Anniversary of the Montreal Massacre

Today, December 6th, marks the 21st anniversary of the Montreal Massacre that sparked the original White Ribbon Campaign. The White Ribbon Campaign was created by a handful of Canadian men in 1991 on the second anniversary of this one man's massacre of fourteen women in Montreal. They began the campaign to urge men to speak out against violence against women. Today, the WRC is now a worldwide campaign in over 55 countries that has collected well over 5 million signatures and growing. Read More...

Massachusetts Men Gear up to End Violence Against Women & Children

Twenty-two years ago on December 6th one man massacred fourteen women students in Montreal. Two years later, in 1991, a handful of Canadian men established the White Ribbon Campaign. To mark these anniversaries, Jane Doe Inc. launched the 5th Annual Massachusetts White Ribbon Day Campaign and joined with over 60 countries worldwide to remember these women and to call upon men to be a part of the solution in ending violence against women. Read More...

Mention White Ribbon on Super Bowl Sunday

Your participation as a White Ribbon Day Ambassador sends a powerful message to your community about the value of men and women working together to achieve freedom from the violence and oppression in our homes and communities that affects all of us.

As most of us know, Super Bowl Sunday is this weekend. Here are two very interesting articles. Both are about the Super Bowl on Sunday. One is by author Jackson Katz discussing “Big Ben” and the other about the concern that domestic violence is worse on Super Bowl Sunday; it’s not. Read More...

Today is the International Day for Human Rights

Today is the International Day for Human Rights and I am most proud and excited to announce the launch of the fourth annual Massachusetts White Ribbon Day and to invite you to be part of this year’s campaign. This coming year we will have Massachusetts White Ribbon Day on Thursday March 3rd. And the White Ribbon Week of Proclamations will be the week of March 4th - 11th.

In the last three years, with your help, we recruited over 300 Ambassadors, more than 17,000 pledges plus 55 affiliates. From legislative accomplishments and funding increases to additional support for local sexual assault and domestic violence programs, the positive impact of this effort was undeniable. Read More...

Recognizing the Programs and Events Going on

I am thrilled to share these exciting new resources with all of you. Whether you’re interested in learning more about how domestic violence and sexual assault are gender issues or are looking for ideas for campaigns, mentorship programs and other activities, check out these new men’s initiatives.

  • was just launched on November 1st, this site is a resource for anyone committed to gender justice and gender-based violence prevention. It has a wide collection of blogs, news stories, event information, forums, and videos, as well as a growing database of resources about engaging men in gender equality. It’s worth exploring, whether you’re hoping to get personally involved in men’s engagement or are just looking for information.
  •

    Update after the Very Busy Month of October

    October was a very busy month! Between Domestic Violence Awareness Month events, early preparations for White Ribbon Day 2011, and work with the Men’s Initiative, it’s been great to see all the activity and I want to recognize a few of the efforts going on.

    Earlier in the month, we hosted a Brown Bag Lunch for some of our partners. I was glad to see returning attendees and excited to welcome a few who’d never participated in one of our Brown Bag Lunches before. The meeting featured a presentation on mentorship by Warren Ivey, from the Family Service of Greater Boston. The presentation gave us a lot to think about and a few of us were able to linger afterwards for some interesting discussion. Read More...

    We’re Just Past the Mid-way Point

    We’re just past the mid-way point: Massachusetts White Ribbon Day 2011 is just over four months away. Mark your calendars now for Thursday, March 3 for our big statewide event that we hope everyone can attend! This day will be a kick-off for local white ribbon events around the Commonwealth during the week of March 4 – 11.

    One of the great aspects of our White Ribbon Day Campaign is the opportunity to speak to a wide range of men and boys about what we can be and are doing to promote equality and respect and help end violence against women.

    For instance, I found myself being honored to receive formal recognition from the US Air Force 439th Airlift Wing. To help them recognize Domestic Violence Awareness Month, I was asked to speak to 50 air force military personnel about the importance of male leadership in ending men’s violence against women. Read More...