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Valentine’s Day

It's almost February 14th so everywhere I look these days I see hearts. These symbols of love shout out from every store window, television commercial, and newspaper ad. Despite the commercialization, selling the notion of love isn't a bad thing in and of itself. I'm a firm believer that we could all use a little more love in our world. Over the years, we've seen the concept of love expand - as acceptance of LGBQ\T individuals has grown and as equal marriage and non-nuclear family structures have become increasingly common. When I think of anti-dotes to violence, love is high on the list. Read More...

Love is Respect and Safety

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

We are one week closer to White Ribbon Day, and with your help, the momentum is building. Cities, towns, police departments, schools, youth groups and more are signing on. Thanks to the father-son team of Imad and Jacob Sandakly, we have a great new PSA that you can show others. Read More...