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White Ribbon Day Reflections

I barely had time to catch my breath after last week’s White Ribbon Day Proclamation Event before hopping on a train to New York for The Center for Study of Men and Masculinities' International Conference. Riding the four-hour train into Manhattan provided me the perfect opportunity to reflect on that afternoon. Days later, it is even more clear to me that the momentum for this work is building as the inquiries, calls, emails and activity continues.


Many Thanks and Congratulations to all!

Thank you everyone for your many efforts and work to make our White Ribbon Day a great success this year.

This was our largest audience to date, 450 to 500 people attended the event yesterday at the State House.  The program came together well and was inspiring to all.   Many Jane Doe Member Programs attended this event, advocates for life saving work every day with survivors of sexual and domestic violence. Read More...

Happy International Women’s Day and Thank You!!!

First of all, happy International Women's Day!

On behalf of Jane Doe Inc., thank you all very much for participating and for helping to make our White Ribbon Day ceremony yesterday a great success. Even though the weather made it impossible for many of you to attend, we are glad we held the event. Over 200 people attended, and imagine what the crowd would have been if we had had good weather! Read More...