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Where Dads Can Help Prevent Sexual Violence

Preventing Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence through Responsible Fatherhood

In Celebration of Dads - A message for Fathers Day

We’re really excited to share with you some of the work that JDI has been doing to reach dads as agents for change to prevent sexual and domestic violence.

JDI has teamed up with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health on a responsible fatherhood project that reaches out to men through various community-based partner programs, such as social service agencies, probation programs, and the statewide Fathers and Family Network to encourage the fathers of young boys to both model and teach children healthy behavior. Read More...

This Starts with Positive Masculinity

Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel Conley, co-chair of this year’s White Ribbon Day campaign, weighs in on positive masculinity, male role models, and how communities can help stop violence.

For me, White Ribbon Day is about creating a community standard among boys and men that rejects violence. This starts with positive masculinity.

When I think of positive masculinity, I think of role models, people I want to be compared to. I think of my father: a man who worked hard, but who cared for us. He impressed upon me the importance of respect in my personal relationships. My mother did, too, of course, but it was my father, the man of the house, who taught me what it meant to be a man myself. My siblings and I were active as kids, and we enjoyed sports and competition, but there was a guiding principle that distinguished competition from violence, and especially forbade violence against women. Today, I have kids of my own, a son and a daughter, and I find those lessons so valuable and so important to share with the next generation. Read More...

Are You Ready to RISE Against Violence? Global One Billion Rising Campaign Invites You to Take Action of February 14th

It's three weeks until Massachusetts White Ribbon Day and one day until Valentine's Day. What do these two events have in common? Thanks to artist and activist Eve Ensler, One Billion Rising offers one connection: One Billion Rising is a global celebration of genuine love that moves beyond harmful stereotypes and asks us all to commit to being part of the solution in ending violence against women. Eve wrote this beautiful "Man Prayer" that speaks to the role of men in this work. Read More...

Reflections on Masculinity: The Evolution of White Ribbon Day Ambassadors

Reaching the 5-year mark of Jane Doe Inc.’s Massachusetts White Ribbon Day (WRD) Campaign prompted us to step back and ask how the campaign is making a difference. We had our own theories and had in fact seen evidence of the WRD Campaign’s impact in terms of the public dialogue on the issue, involvement of more men in local and statewide efforts, responsiveness in the policy arena and elsewhere. What about the impact of the campaign on men themselves? In the fall of 2012, Jane Doe Inc. (JDI) convened a diverse group of male thought leaders who have been active Ambassadors in the White Ribbon Day Campaign and asked them to share how their own thoughts, perspectives, and commitments have evolved over the course of their involvement. Read More...