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Don’t Cry Son/ No Llores Hijo

Dennis Muentes

For the second summer in a row, Jane Doe Inc. has had the opportunity to partner with the Forest Foundation to support a full-time Forest Foundation Fellow. This year, we had the pleasure of hosting Dennis Muentes who has worked in-depth on Jane Doe Inc.'s men's engagement work and has strengthened his surveying, interviewing, and non-profit management skills. In preparation for his exit, we asked Dennis to write a reflection about his experience working at Jane Doe Inc. and he exceeded our expectations by authoring this bilingual reflection.

- Jane Doe Inc.

Don’t cry son, you have to be strong because you are a man No llores, eres un hombre y tienes que ser macho mijo

MENding CamBRIDGE: How One Local Men’s Group Is Redefining Masculinity

City of Cambridge



For Liz Speakman, healthy masculinity is something that she thinks about every single day.

As the Domestic and Gender-Based Violence Prevention Initiative Coordinator for the City of Cambridge, her job requires it. As importantly, she is a mother to a three-year old son. Reflecting on a conversation shared with her husband the previous night, Speakman divulges, “My three-year old has a little mermaid costume that has sparkles all over it and firefighter boots. So he runs around the house in his mermaid costume and firefighter boots. We love that. How do we help him have a sturdy foundation where he knows that he is loved and accepted for the whole of who he is and that he can hold on to that when he is faced with a world that is going to tell him otherwise?”