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Don’t Cry Son/ No Llores Hijo

Dennis Muentes

For the second summer in a row, Jane Doe Inc. has had the opportunity to partner with the Forest Foundation to support a full-time Forest Foundation Fellow. This year, we had the pleasure of hosting Dennis Muentes who has worked in-depth on Jane Doe Inc.'s men's engagement work and has strengthened his surveying, interviewing, and non-profit management skills. In preparation for his exit, we asked Dennis to write a reflection about his experience working at Jane Doe Inc. and he exceeded our expectations by authoring this bilingual reflection.

- Jane Doe Inc.

Don’t cry son, you have to be strong because you are a man No llores, eres un hombre y tienes que ser macho mijo

Finding Our Way

Earlier this football season, I was watching a football game with a group of men, having a nice time meeting new people, and then something happens and just like that I am at a loss. Can I believe my ears? What am I to say? Will anyone else say anything? With the Super Bowl coming up this weekend, I keep playing this experience over and over and wonder what I’ve learned since.