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On Super Bowl Sunday Root for Team White Ribbon

This year presents one of the best opportunities we have ever had to discuss positive masculinity on Super Bowl Sunday. With the highly visible Ray Rice case (and the situation’s handling by the NFL) and with the national call to action to end sexual violence on campuses; awareness and readiness to talk among men is at an all-time high.

Let’s take advantage of this moment! Whether you’ve never watched the game, or you would never miss the game, THIS is the year to watch with friends. I want to help you get prepared to ask a few questions and have a good conversation.


The Benefit of Being a Good Sport

Sports and violence have been all over the news this year; leading fans and athletes alike to be confronted by it. In December, JDI’s quarterly Men’s Leadership Roundtable series focused on the field of sports as it relates to solutions to men’s violence. The robust conversation, led by Dr. Stephen W. Jefferson, a Lecturer at UMass Amherst delved into how sportsmanship and the development of positive character have has long been an over-arching goals in sports – youth sports in particular. Calling upon the voices of local men, Dr. Jefferson helped to piece together the connections between the character building qualities of team sports and community. Evidence and experience suggest that sport programs have the power to cultivate admirable characteristics like a collaborative spirit, strong communication, commitment, goal setting, and ethical decision-making skills.