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Independence House Profile


Independence House

Sexual and domestic assault is not just a women’s issue, and Independence House, which sits in heart of Hyannis, knows just how difficult a task it can be to change this common misconception. A member of Jane Doe Inc. (JDI), the organization dedicates itself to providing services to all survivors of sexual and domestic violence regardless of gender, gender identity or sexual orientation on the Cape as well as community outreach and education since 1979. Independence House embarked on a mission to grow their men’s engagement programs, thanks in part to a five-year long partnership with JDI’s Massachusetts White Ribbon Day Campaign (WRD).

WRD offers a statewide framework for local programs to engage their community in the prevention of sexual and domestic violence. Specifically, the annual campaign aims to reevaluate the origins of gender-based violence, asks men and boys to commit to being a part of the solution, and invites everyone to #ReimagineManhood.

“There is a really unique challenge with getting men engaged with social issues, especially concerning domestic violence or sexual assault,” says Adam Campbell, former Teen Outreach and Violence Prevention Specialist at Independence House. Independence House partners with ten Cape Cod high schools, providing support in the form of a Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP) club. Through this program, partially supported by the New England Patriots Charitable Foundation, high school students delve into the complexities and societal roots of sexism. Students grapple with the often-held notion that the man will be fiscally responsible, does not need help, and is in charge, while the woman needs to be cared for and will be financially reliant.


White Ribbon Day is Buzzing in Lowell thanks to the Center for Hope and Healing!


The Center for Hope and Healing

Through years of prevention work, The Center for Hope and Healing has realized that the fight to end gender based violence is not a one issue problem. They believe in an intersectionality approach that considers how institutional racism, sexism, and class inequality all contribute to the pervasiveness of gender based violence. This type of thinking is progressive and actually tackling all these daunting issues at once is difficult. But The Center for Hope and Healing is up for the task.


Men’s Engagement on the Vineyard


Each year, Vineyard and visiting men are invited to stand on the seawall stretching across the shore of Martha’s Vineyard in honor of a woman they care about - a visual demonstration of their commitment to supporting an end to violence against all women. At the Annual Seawall Event, a men’s initiative, men of all ages, races, and backgrounds, stand on the seawall in solidarity with those affected by sexual and domestic violence, offering support and making a visible and proud statement much like the seawall itself. Each man, holds a poster with the name of a woman he wished to honor etched across it, sends a message that there is a reason for men to care about violence toward women; that it is not a women’s issue, but a human issue.