Jane Doe Inc. has joined the Partners in Prevention, a project of the MIAA, The Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletics Association.



Ambassadors agree to wear the ribbon on White Ribbon Day and recruit 5 to 10 male friends and colleagues to join them in taking the WRD pledge.



Individuals can take the pledge and add their name to the growing number of men in Massachusetts who have joined this campaign. Note: Ambassadors need not do both.



We now have white ribbon pins available for purchase on our site. Join the cause today and purchase pins for your organization.



Sports Team Toolkit for High Schools

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1. Introduction
2. Step 1 - Take The Team Pledge
3. Step 2 - Invite a Speaker to Talk
4. Step 3 - Become Campaign Ambassadors
5. Step 4 - Operate Banner Signing Week
6. Step 5 - Attend the State House Event
7. Register Your Team
8. Downloadable Materials


Jane Doe Inc. is proud to offer this tool kit to help bring Massachusetts White Ribbon Day for male athletic teams in high schools across the Commonwealth!

Massachusetts White Ribbon Day is part of The White Ribbon Campaign, an international effort to engage men and boys to help end male violence against women.

This is a project for male athletic teams to demonstrate leadership in addressing this issue in the school community. And, since many coaches and student athletes are leaders in their wider communities as well, this campaign is a powerful way to invite and inspire other men and boys in the whole community to make a public and private commitment to promote respectful, safe, and healthy relationships.

On this page, you'll find a toolkit with tips, ideas, and resources to host White Ribbon Day at your school. There's also information for other ways you can connect with our statewide WRD Campaign.

We look forward to your joining and hearing about your activities.


As you know, high schools are not immune to issues of sexual and domestic violence. Whether the violence occurs among students or is experienced at home, at work, or in the community, sexual and domestic violence affects everyone --- including athletes. Since many athletes are leaders in their communities, their stance in stopping violence against women can inspire others in their schools and communities to do the same.

A part of being a well-rounded athlete on and off the field involves using one’s leadership skills to take a stand on important issues in one’s community, including violence against women. Coaches can help their athletes in becoming involved in White Ribbon Day and help them to be responsible people on the field as well as off the field.

The impact of hundreds of male coaches and student athletes from all walks of life throughout Massachusetts declaring their commitment to this principle of non-violence will, with your help, be far-reaching and long-lasting:

• Create a clear, loud and visible statement from male athletes to help build a social school climate that promotes positive masculinity and healthy relationships;

• Promote safety and respect in all relationships and situations!

• Foster a positive image of manhood and invite all coaches and athletes to join in a celebration of personal peace and cooperation!

• Build a network of resounding voices that will support and advance the White Ribbon Day Campaign initiative.

Step 1 - Your Team Takes the Pledge

Your Team is invited to show leadership in your school:

Taking the White Ribbon Day Pledge is a proud moment. The pledge states: "From this day forward, I promise to be part of the solution in ending violence against women".

It's really powerful to say the pledge out loud in a group setting. This will create an environment where the team can talk about the meaning of the pledge with one another. Each athlete who takes the pledge is given a white ribbon to wear on White Ribbon Day.

Step 2 - Invite a Speaker to Talk with Your Team

Jane Doe Inc. member programs can provide a speaker:

Jane Doe Inc. has member programs located across the Commonwealth with educators ready to visit your team to talk about how to help end dating violence, how to promote healthy relationships, and about how extremely important it is for men and boys to participate in the solution.

Visit this directory to find a program near you and to request a speaker.

Step 3- Ambassadors Recruit Others to Take the Pledge

Your Team is invited to join White Ribbon Day as Ambassadors:

After taking the pledge themselves, student athletes and coaches help spread the word in your high school by recruiting other men and boys to join with you by wearing a white ribbon on White Ribbon Day. The informational flyers and pledge collection forms will be helpful in telling others about the campaign and obtaining their pledge.

Invite other teams to join you: A powerful step would be to ask other teams at your school to join you in becoming White Ribbon Day Ambassadors and to do this project together.

Step 4 - Your Team Leads Banner Signing Week

Banner Signing Week

With your team as the leadership, have all of the men and boys in your school sign a White Ribbon Day Banner. This would be displayed in the cafeteria, entry way or other prominent location for the period of a week, and announcements made daily to ask boys to sign. Each signer gets a White Ribbon to wear or to put on their backpack.


• make or purchase a banner
• make or purchase white ribbons
• announce White Ribbon Banner Signing Week
• put the banner up in the cafeteria
• get all the boys to sign and to put on their ribbons
• prepare a story to your local paper with a photo

Step 5 - Attend White Ribbon Day at the State House

White Ribbon Day Event at the State House in Boston

Bring Your Banners!

You and your team are cordially invited to attend our event at the Massachusetts State house on Thursday, March 6, 2014. The Governor sponsors an annual proclamation rally at the State House. Many people attend including legislators, civic and business leaders, other sports teams and community ambassadors.

Register Your Team:

Register Your Team for White Ribbon Day

Afterwards, Please Submit Your Event Reports Here

Toolkit Materials:

Sports Team Toolkit (large PDF)

Toolkit Handouts & Resources Include:

Taking the Pledge
White Ribbon Day Pledge Banner Project
State House Governors Proclamation Event
Going Beyond the White Ribbon Day Pledge
Teachable Moments
Definitions and Facts
Educational Resources

Pledge Cards and Posters:

Campaign Poster (large PDF)
Printable Wallet Cards To Go With Ribbons (Spanish)
Printable Wallet Cards To Go With Ribbons (Portuguese)
Printable Wallet Cards To Go With Ribbons (English)
Pledge Signing Poster (men and boys) (PDF)
Pledge Signing Poster (people) (PDF)

Note that the Printable Wallet Cards are formatted for use with Avery Business Card stock and are compatible with these products: 28373, 5881, 8373, 8869

General Materials:

Talking Points For Presenters (PDF)

Purchase White Ribbon Pins online

Bulletin Board Display Kits