On Super Bowl Sunday, Root for Team White Ribbon

Whether you’re intent on the game, just watching the commercials, or far away from the TV with a book and a cup of tea, Super Bowl Sunday is a nationwide opportunity to talk about what masculinity means.

We traditionally view the Super Bowl as a man’s day, but women are everywhere in the program: from cheerleaders to fans to the women in beer commercials, this ritual of masculinity can also help us engage with the way our culture views women. The game keeps us on the edge of our seats, but the ads - estimated to be selling for $3.5 to over $4 million - can get us thinking, both about the messages our culture sends the women in our lives, and how we can be better fathers, brothers, husbands, friends, and sons in light of this.

Take this traditional “man’s day” as an opportunity to talk to your friends about positive masculinity and your responsibility to help prevent violence against women. Whether you gather in front of the TV or flee from it, you can draw your friends’ attention to sexism and violence on air, and tell them about your commitment to helping end violence against women.

Domestic violence and sexual assault can be difficult things to talk about, but by expressing your positive vision of manhood and a world without violence to your friends, you can help other men be part of the solution.

Encourage your friends to take the pledge with you on Super Bowl Sunday, and your support will make White Ribbon Day the one team sure to win.