Mention White Ribbon on Super Bowl Sunday

Your participation as a White Ribbon Day Ambassador sends a powerful message to your community about the value of men and women working together to achieve freedom from the violence and oppression in our homes and communities that affects all of us.

As most of us know, Super Bowl Sunday is this weekend. Here are two very interesting articles. Both are about the Super Bowl on Sunday. One is by author Jackson Katz discussing “Big Ben” and the other about the concern that domestic violence is worse on Super Bowl Sunday; it’s not.

What to Say to Boys about "Big Ben" by Jackson Katz

When you’re gathered around the big screen, take the time to inform your friends about White Ribbon Day. The goal of WRD is welcome men to take up the issue of combating violence against women. Take advantage of this Sunday when you’re surrounded by your friends to mention WRD. Though this day is traditionally geared towards men, we cannot forget the women in our lives.

Things you could say:

  • You are helping with the solution to end men’s violence against women
  • You envision a world with no more sexual assault, no more domestic violence
  • This is the kind of man you are and the positive vision of manhood that you value
  • This is the kind of father, friend, brother, son you are
  • Please join us by taking the pledge and wearing the ribbon
  • Video from White Ribbon Day in New Zealand

    This past November, men in New Zealand showed their dedication to ending violence towards women in a ten day motorcycle ride across the entire country. The community came together to support the men, making the event even more powerful. Along the way, supporters of the cause performed traditional dances and sang for the bikers. In addition, powerful speakers were present during the trip to motivate the participants in the ride.

    See footage of this amazing event.

    Join us for our State House Proclamation Rally on March 3rd

    On Thursday, March 3rd at 10 AM, join us at the Massachusetts State House for our Statewide Proclamation Rally, located in Gardner Auditorium.

    With your help, we’ll reach many more men and boys across the Commonwealth with this important message of non-violence, respect and full human rights.