Massachusetts Men Gear up to End Violence Against Women & Children

Twenty-two years ago on December 6th one man massacred fourteen women students in Montreal. Two years later, in 1991, a handful of Canadian men established the White Ribbon Campaign. To mark these anniversaries, Jane Doe Inc. launched the 5th Annual Massachusetts White Ribbon Day Campaign and joined with over 60 countries worldwide to remember these women and to call upon men to be a part of the solution in ending violence against women.

Our 2012 Co-Chairs, Angelo McClain and Paulo Pinto are ready to build on the campaign’s momentum and recruit hundreds more men and boys around the Commonwealth to get involved. Read today's press release.

The background to this year’s launch is crowded with stories of sexual abuse against children and young boys at several major athletic institutions:

Penn State, Syracuse and the Boston Red Sox. The media stories have mostly centered on people asking why those who knew about the abuse didn't do more to stop it. We ask different questions:

  • What holds people back from saying something or taking action?
  • How can we help every man be prepared with the tools, skills, knowledge and confidence to make a difference?
  • What does it mean to be a good bystander? What other roles can people play in preventing sexual abuse of children as well as sexual and domestic violence against anyone?
  • One starting place is for men to address one another to promote a culture of positive masculinity that fosters equality and non-violence. If we're silent or don't take action, then we are colluding. With your help and involvement, the Massachusetts White Ribbon Day campaign will continue to inspire men and boys to take action to help protect kids and end violence in general.