It’s Countdown Time for the 5th Annual Massachusetts White Ribbon Day

It’s countdown time for the 5th Annual Massachusetts White Ribbon Day, and we’re counting on you to help make it as successful as ever.

The momentum is building:

  • Our allies at Northeastern University invited the competing teams in this year’s 60th Anniversary Beanpot Tournament to join the WRD Campaign. All the players put a white ribbon on their helmets and demonstrated that along with the shared prestige of being a student-athlete comes responsibility for adhering to the White Ribbon Day Pledge and being a role model for others. It was cool to see the video with the Team Captains taking the pledge up on the jumbotron.
  • Over a dozen community events are in the works, ranging from Galas to Town Proclamations. We hope you can attend and support their efforts!
  • Radio and television airwaves are all abuzz, featuring interviews with this year’s co-chairs and WRD Affiliates.
  • In partnership with the Plymouth County White Ribbon Campaign and Employers Against Domestic Violence, we’ll be back at TD Garden on February 29th for the Celtics Game. If you’re going to the game, wear your white ribbon, bring a sign to hold up in the arena and stop by our table at Level 4, Section 1 to say hello!
  • Over the next two weeks, help spread the word. Share the flyer about the event. Invite your colleagues, friends and neighbors to join you in taking the pledge. Create a moment at work, with your congregation or classmates, or in your family or neighborhood, to talk to the men and boys in your life about the White Ribbon Day campaign and take the pledge together. You can make such a difference by addressing one another as men to promote a culture of positive masculinity that fosters equality and non-violence.

    We hope to see you at the State House, 1pm March 1 in the Great Hall. The theme this year will address the various roles we can and do play in this work.

    With your help and involvement, the Massachusetts White Ribbon Day campaign will continue to inspire men and boys to take action today.