Happy International Women’s Day and Thank You!!!

First of all, happy International Women's Day!

On behalf of Jane Doe Inc., thank you all very much for participating and for helping to make our White Ribbon Day ceremony yesterday a great success. Even though the weather made it impossible for many of you to attend, we are glad we held the event. Over 200 people attended, and imagine what the crowd would have been if we had had good weather!

The program went off without a hitch, we heard from Commissioner Angelo McClain who conferred the Governor's Proclamation, we saw a new video from Brigham and Women's Hospital, youth videos from the Asian Task Force and from Granby High School in Western Mass. We heard from several great speakers, and no less than 25 legislators dropped in to pay their respects.

But we know that while this is our annual signature event, it's only one of many events that you are organizing and operating in your local communities. Independence House with Yarmouth Police, Alternative House with the City of Lowell and the Verizon Pioneers held events also yesterday March 7th. Then next week on March 13th, several of our Boston area members will join the Boston City Council for an event at 12 noon, then later, on March 20th, Clark University will again host the Central Massachusetts White Ribbon Day event, and in Greenfield, hosted by NELCWIT, there will be an International Women's Day event (postponed from last night) on April 11th that will include a White Ribbon Pledge.

Add to this the many schools, colleges and communities that have also held their own events, we know that the work and campaign is rising and increasing in visibility, reach and impact.

Let me take this moment to say again THANK YOU for all that you have done. And for all you will continue to do because clearly this campaign resonates in the hearts and minds of the men and boys throughout the Commonwealth, and with your help we look forward to its continued growth.

Many thanks,

P.S. Videos, media stories and photos can be found on this page.