Sports Teams Join White Ribbon Day!

Sports Toolkit High School Men's Sports Teams are invited to join Massachusetts White Ribbon Day as White Ribbon Teams. WRD is all about public action projects, and the action project for your sports team is to run banner signing week in your school.

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Ambassadors agree to wear the ribbon on White Ribbon Day and recruit 5 to 10 male friends and colleagues to join them in taking the WRD pledge.



Individuals can take the pledge and add their name to the growing number of men in Massachusetts who have joined this campaign. Note: Ambassadors need not do both.



We now have white ribbon pins available for purchase on our site. Join the cause today and purchase pins for your organization.


Call for Affiliates

We invite any organization, group, town/city/county government, corporation or other entity (including but not exclusive to Jane Doe Inc. members) in Massachusetts to become affiliated with the Massachusetts White Ribbon Day Campaign 2014.

WRD Affiliate Online Registration.

White Ribbon Day Affiliates make a commitment to the following during 2014:

Promote Massachusetts White Ribbon Day.

Operate a local activity for men and boys, either called the White Ribbon Campaign, or a pledge initiative of your own design and wording in your local area; or

or Conduct other related men's engagement activities.

See our List of Affiliates

Town Proclamations:

We encourage all 2014 White Ribbon Day Affiliates to issue city/town/community proclamations through an event the week of March 3rd to 7th.

See our Proclamation Tool Kit

Collaborate and Share Income:

As a demonstration of the commitment to ending violence against women, men's engagement activities and campaigns (including White Ribbon Campaigns) that generate resources are encouraged to share such funds and resources with the local JDI member victims’ services provider(s) in their areas and Jane Doe Inc., the statewide coalition. Similarly, we ask that prospective WRD Affiliates, that are not JDI members, notify the local program(s) of their intention to apply as Massachusetts White Ribbon Day Affiliates.

Affiliate Agreement.

Register Your Event with us:

Jane Doe Inc. will post your local events on our public calendar. These listings will provide those who visit our site opportunities to bring to life their White Ribbon Day Pledge. Anything you might have to offer we will be happy to list, this may include events, classes, fundraising, or materials.

Register Your Event Information here.