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Ambassadors agree to wear the ribbon on White Ribbon Day and recruit 5 to 10 male friends and colleagues to join them in taking the WRD pledge.

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Displays of Character:
Men Reimagining Manhood

Men Displayed Reading the 
Display Reading the 
Who are the men behind the Massachusetts White Ribbon Day Campaign?

These men come from different backgrounds, professions and parts of Massachusetts; they range in age, are straight and gay, and have myriad hobbies. No matter what their role or stage in life, these men all have one thing in common: each has made a commitment to promote healthy masculinity as a positive means to support peaceful and healthy communities and encourage each of us to play our own role in ending gender based violence and men's violence against women.

Through their actions and words, these WRD Ambassadors are reimagining concepts of manhood and masculinity to create far-reaching and long-lasting solutions for safety and justice for everyone.

READ THEIR STORIES: This museum-quality exhibit and website features powerful portraits and interviews with thirteen MA White Ribbon Day Campaign Ambassadors who represent thousands of men and boys across the Commonwealth who have taken the White Ribbon Day Pledge to be part of the solution.

With this new display, we hope to spur conversations about what it means for men to hold one another accountable, to challenge the status quo, to care about kindness and compassion, to respect differences and promote equity, and to change the perception that sexual and domestic violence are women’s issues alone.

HELP MAKE A DIFFERENCE: Like these Ambassadors, you can use your influence to begin to creating an environment free of fear and violence. Explore this website to learn how you can be part of the solution.

Bring the display to your community
Exhibit History and Partners

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Our Featured Ambassadors

”Albert ”Alex ”Andy ”Bob ”Fred
”Jarrod ”John ”Leonard ”Malcolm ”Paulo
”Ramesh ”Robert ”Yevin