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White Ribbon Day Week is Here!

Ready. Set. It’s White Ribbon Day this week and our Governor’s proclamation ceremony is just four days away. We look forward to seeing many of you on Thursday at the State House 1-2:30pm, followed by a reception. This year’s campaign focuses on Reimagining Manhood and we’ve got a terrific line up. The Wampanoag of Gay Head (Aquinnah) has generously offered to start the program with an Honor Song, and a roster of men will share how they are reimagining manhood.


Each of Us Can Do Something

A Guest Blog by David Sullivan, Northwestern District Attorney. David is the co-chair of Massachusetts White Ribbon Day 2015.

David Sullivan The walk down the long corridor of the Hampshire Probate & Family Court ended at my office. Right next door was the Safe Plan office, a place dedicated to helping victims of domestic violence seek protection from an abusive current or former partner. On too many occasions, I saw mothers with their young children playing with a toy or filling out a coloring book. It made me sad, it made me angry, it woke me up to the fact that domestic violence really existed in my community. It was a daily walk I took for 8 years as the Chief Administrator for the family court. But my walk was so much easier than the journey each of these victims took to seek help for themselves and their children.


Why I Chose to Get Involved

A Guest Blog by Peter Roby, Athletic Director, Northeastern University. Peter is the co-chair of Massachusetts White Ribbon Day 2015.

Peter Roby Why would a college athletic director be involved in the Massachusetts White Ribbon Day campaign? Does sport have any role to play in finding solutions to ending violence against women? Isn't the culture of sport responsible for all the negative behavior by athletes we read about in the media? These are all appropriate questions and deserve thoughtful responses. Let me give it a try.

I have taken the pledge to be a part of the solution to end violence against women and my occupation is helpful in raising awareness of others. As an athletic director, I view the athletic experience of our students as an extension of the learning done in the classroom. In fact, one of our core values is Coach-as-Educator. Our pursuit of competitive excellence must be balanced by our commitment to providing students a quality education. It is not only my personal desire to be part of any solution to end violence against women; I also view my role as Athletic Director as an incredible opportunity to promote and encourage values of kindness, respect, and empathy to our students and the broader community. My role as a citizen and member of this community is more than enough reason to care.


On Super Bowl Sunday Root for Team White Ribbon

This year presents one of the best opportunities we have ever had to discuss positive masculinity on Super Bowl Sunday. With the highly visible Ray Rice case (and the situation’s handling by the NFL) and with the national call to action to end sexual violence on campuses; awareness and readiness to talk among men is at an all-time high.

Let’s take advantage of this moment! Whether you’ve never watched the game, or you would never miss the game, THIS is the year to watch with friends. I want to help you get prepared to ask a few questions and have a good conversation.


The Benefit of Being a Good Sport

Sports and violence have been all over the news this year; leading fans and athletes alike to be confronted by it. In December, JDI’s quarterly Men’s Leadership Roundtable series focused on the field of sports as it relates to solutions to men’s violence. The robust conversation, led by Dr. Stephen W. Jefferson, a Lecturer at UMass Amherst delved into how sportsmanship and the development of positive character have has long been an over-arching goals in sports – youth sports in particular. Calling upon the voices of local men, Dr. Jefferson helped to piece together the connections between the character building qualities of team sports and community. Evidence and experience suggest that sport programs have the power to cultivate admirable characteristics like a collaborative spirit, strong communication, commitment, goal setting, and ethical decision-making skills.


Reimagining Manhood

“Be Strong.” “Be a Man.” “Man Up.” “Don’t cry.” How many of us hear these phrases and cringe at how they reinforce the dominant narrative of masculinity?  The social norms around this narrative also shape the belief that men are to be intimidating, controlling and aggressive if they want to be respected.  While cultural differences  exist, the social education of becoming a man transcends diverse communities.  The wealthy, the middle class, the poor, every race, color, and creed, no one is exempt from the pressures to conform to this construct of masculinity.


Inviting Latino men to end violence against women

A Guest Blog by Juan Carlos Areán, Senior Director of the National Latin@ Network and Pierre Berastaín, Communications and Marketing Coordinator of the National Latin@ Network.

I Invite YouHow can we involve more Latino men in efforts to end violence against women? To explore this very question, the National Latin@ Network for Healthy Families and Communities, a project of Casa de Esperanza, conducted a series of listening sessions with men and women in Minnesota and Georgia. As is our standard practice, we looked for solutions by asking members of the community about various topics, including gender roles, socialization, education, violence and culture. Overwhelmingly, we heard from the men: “Invite us.”


#YesAllWomen requires all men to speak out

The tragedy of this past weekend in Santa Barbara and the plea of guilty in a Waltham case today come together in powerful terms for Ambassadors for the Massachusetts White Ribbon Day Campaign. The misogynist rants of Elliot Rodger – the 22-year old man who gunned down women who he claims would not date him – takes us back to the Montreal Massacre of 1989, the response to which launched the international White Ribbon Campaign. The guilty plea by Jared Remy in the murder of Jennifer Martel might put an end to the trial but reminds us that much needs to be done to prevent domestic violence homicides and violence in general. Read More...

The Campaign Continues

The Statewide White Ribbon Day Campaign continues with local community events across Massachusetts, bringing the campaign message to thousands of people.  Here are several events being operated by campaign affiliate organizations in the coming few weeks.
Bring a friend or coworker to one of these events and introduce them to WRD.  If you're going to the Celtics Game on March 19, wear a white ribbon and.stop by our table to say hello. Read More...

Many Thanks and Congratulations to all!

Thank you everyone for your many efforts and work to make our White Ribbon Day a great success this year.

This was our largest audience to date, 450 to 500 people attended the event yesterday at the State House.  The program came together well and was inspiring to all.   Many Jane Doe Member Programs attended this event, advocates for life saving work every day with survivors of sexual and domestic violence. Read More...