Ambassadors agree to wear the ribbon on White Ribbon Day and recruit 5 to 10 male friends and colleagues to join them in taking the WRD pledge.



Individuals can take the pledge and add their name to the growing number of men in Massachusetts who have joined this campaign. Note: Ambassadors need not do both.



We now have white ribbon pins available for purchase on our site. Join the cause today and purchase pins for your organization.



Action Kit

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Resources
3. Sample Projects
4. Sample Message to Send to a Friend

The range of ways in which a White Ribbon Ambassador can be involved, either individually or in conjunction with others, is solely limited by our imagination.

Interested in making a difference right away?

Taking a cue from down under, here are some ideas from the White Ribbon Foundation of Australia for other ways that Ambassadors can make a difference:

Promote public interest by talking with colleagues and friends about the campaign i.e. about what the campaign is involved in, how important it is to change community behaviors and attitudes, etc.

Talk about your role as an Ambassador in as many situations as possible and in particular when attending public engagements

Host meetings, social events, awareness raising activities to mark White Ribbon Day

Approach local councils, men’s organizations, sports and services clubs, etc. and offering to be a guest speaker, and encourage them to buy and distribute White Ribbons

Facilitate presentations in the work place, in recreational settings, etc. that address the issue

Participate in media opportunities wherever possible, e.g. direct interviews, writing articles, utilizing personal media contacts to extend the White Ribbon campaign message

Resources for your use:

Tool kit to plan a local proclamation event
Register Your Community Events
View Your Community Events
Send a White Ribbon Day Email!!

A bibliobraphy:

White Ribbon Pins, order form (online):
White Ribbon Pin Order Form

Sample Projects that can be done at other times of year:

Mothers Day Pledge (PDF)
Fundraising Walk Team (PDF)
Parade Float (PDF)
School Assembly (PDF)
Supply Drive (PDF)

High School Assembly Planning Manual (PDF)
(courtesy of Plymouth County White Ribbon Campaign)

Bulletin Board Display Kits

Sample message to send to a friend

Dear [Friend or Colleague]

I have joined an important campaign and would be delighted if you would join me as well in promising to help find a solution to eliminate violence against women.

On March 6, 2014, Jane Doe Inc. will host the seventh annual statewide White Ribbon Day Campaign to call upon men of good heart to stand up and be counted as allies against violence against women. As you know, sexual assault and domestic violence occur at alarming rates, and we are all affected. We need more men to speak out and pledge to be part of the solution for ending violence against women.

Here’s all you have to do:

1) Take the pledge
2) Wear the White Ribbon on March 6th

You can find out more about the Massachusetts and International White Ribbon Campaign and other plans for Massachusetts on campaign website:

Thank you for helping.

My best,
[Your name]

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