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White Ribbon Day Affiliates support local Ambassadors and sponsor local town, school and community proclamation events.

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Ambassadors agree to wear the ribbon on White Ribbon Day and recruit 5 to 10 male friends and colleagues to join them in taking the WRD pledge.

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About Us

Jane Doe Inc.

Thirty years ago survivors and activists in Massachusetts and across the country started speaking out against rape, sexual assault, domestic violence and violence against women. Today, every state and territory has a coalition like Jane Doe Inc. that bridges the life-saving services of local programs with state and national policy, promotes best practices, conducts research, and provides education and training.

Currently our statewide coalition consists of more than fifty five community-based sexual assault and domestic violence independent non-profits throughout Massachusetts. Jane Doe Inc.’s role complements the work of our membership and helps ensure the safety, dignity and liberty of victims and their children.

Jane Doe Inc. works to secure funding, pass laws, and change regulatory and administrative practice and policies to enhance sexual assault and domestic violence intervention and prevention services for victims and their children and to hold perpetrators accountable. The coalition also engages in prevention efforts.

For thirty years Jane Doe Inc. has been a catalyst for change and held true to its mission: being guided by the needs of survivors to create a world free of violence and abuse.

Men’s Initiative for Jane Doe Inc.

The Men’s Initiative works in three main areas:

 provide education, training, and support for all men interested in direct participation

 create a volunteer clearinghouse to identify opportunities where men can play a role on the statewide level as well as within their local communities

 facilitate the formation of men's outreach teams in collaboration with community based programs; efforts will range from personal support groups, auxiliary fundraising committees for shelters for battered women and mentoring programs for boys and young men.

MIJD firmly believes that men's voices and active participation are critical to the success of efforts to end men's violence against women, children and other men. While men who work in clinics, professional education and criminal justice arenas are engaged in this work, historically men in the general public remain uninvolved.

If you would like more information about MIJD or would like to get involved, please contact